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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Even More Blogs

That's right boys and girls, we continue to add blogs! It's almost getting hard to digest all of them while still maintaining your climbing weight.

Velo-Ciraptor Attack- A training, pain and lifestyle blog by one of the scruffiest Boston University Terriers..... Known by some as "that kid with great hair," BRoberts is laying it down old school as he details his ongoing battle with his legs.

Chair's Blog -  An ECCC veteran with a tendency to race beyond his ability and the uncanny ability to lick his own nose in A races. Chris Hair, of Boston U is another terrier to keep an eye on. 

25 Credits Per Semester or Bust!!!- Another Steven's Tech Blog? Where do these yokels come from? You know, apparently it's just an army of Dudes from the Jersey Shore that do nothing but train, blog and learn.... Maybe they'll find enough time to put on an awesome race. 

Racing on no sleep- Tales of an ECCC face smasher AJ Moran of WIT. A man with the uncanny ability to ride the goofiest bike ever, a full dura-ace nine speed with a triple ring, Zipp 404's and a skinny tubed Steel Salsa. He's also an insomniac, architect and narcissist.....

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