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Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Blogs Keep on Coming...

Much like a kid on anabolic steroids the ECCC Blogosphere continues to grow with several new individual blogs. Experts say that soon, the Blogosphere will invade expand from your Laptop to you blackberry and ipod.......

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise...  The twisted views of the man who runs one of the largest teams in the ECCC, a group known to be found in large piles of riders, cuddling together for warmth and travelling around the northeast in large green vans like a cult.... UVM.  

Fast with Poor Grades or Slow with All A's...  The detailed training log of a hopeful champion, as he battles the life of a grad student at some second rate school in Cambridge Mass. I think they let the kids play with LEGO's there. 

Lindsey Jean Bishop and Out of the Saddle with Armstrong... Tales of two ECCC alumni who did the stupidest thing ever... graduate. They manage to keep racing, apparently there's racing other than the ECCC, who knew?

-Chief Blogmaster General in Charge of New Blog Affairs and Child Rearing.


  1. feel free to throw Bucknell Cycling's blog up there as well

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