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Monday, February 23, 2009

New Blogs, New Poll.

The Rutgers/Princeton Weekend is drawing near. Just less than a fortnight away.... And we've got a New POLL! Hooray! Also, a new Blog!

Boston College Cycling... The White Clad Warriors from Chestnut Hill crank out a chronicle of cycling related carnage as the church bells chime above their campus.
Goodbye Blue Mondays... This ECCC and Skidmore Alum, diligently details the daily drab of dramatically drafting news reports from his home in Saratoga Springs for The Saratogian, he races occasionally to.

BTW, Check out these Recent Highlights:

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Would you like a slice of Blog with that?

We've added more blogs, can you believe it? I know, it's getting ridiculous!

Bucknell Cycling and Random Thoughts from Academia... A blog by the cornflower blue clad warriors from some where between Philly and Pittsburgh. Much like Floyd Landis these Mennonites race bikes.

Fear and Loathing in Rhode Island... Promised by the author to be "a bit edgy," much is expected from the Man from brown, Graham Anderson, winner of best Facial Hair in the ECCC in 2008.

-Blog Czar.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Even More Blogs

That's right boys and girls, we continue to add blogs! It's almost getting hard to digest all of them while still maintaining your climbing weight.

Velo-Ciraptor Attack- A training, pain and lifestyle blog by one of the scruffiest Boston University Terriers..... Known by some as "that kid with great hair," BRoberts is laying it down old school as he details his ongoing battle with his legs.

Chair's Blog -  An ECCC veteran with a tendency to race beyond his ability and the uncanny ability to lick his own nose in A races. Chris Hair, of Boston U is another terrier to keep an eye on. 

25 Credits Per Semester or Bust!!!- Another Steven's Tech Blog? Where do these yokels come from? You know, apparently it's just an army of Dudes from the Jersey Shore that do nothing but train, blog and learn.... Maybe they'll find enough time to put on an awesome race. 

Racing on no sleep- Tales of an ECCC face smasher AJ Moran of WIT. A man with the uncanny ability to ride the goofiest bike ever, a full dura-ace nine speed with a triple ring, Zipp 404's and a skinny tubed Steel Salsa. He's also an insomniac, architect and narcissist.....

Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Blogs Keep on Coming...

Much like a kid on anabolic steroids the ECCC Blogosphere continues to grow with several new individual blogs. Experts say that soon, the Blogosphere will invade expand from your Laptop to you blackberry and ipod.......

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise...  The twisted views of the man who runs one of the largest teams in the ECCC, a group known to be found in large piles of riders, cuddling together for warmth and travelling around the northeast in large green vans like a cult.... UVM.  

Fast with Poor Grades or Slow with All A's...  The detailed training log of a hopeful champion, as he battles the life of a grad student at some second rate school in Cambridge Mass. I think they let the kids play with LEGO's there. 

Lindsey Jean Bishop and Out of the Saddle with Armstrong... Tales of two ECCC alumni who did the stupidest thing ever... graduate. They manage to keep racing, apparently there's racing other than the ECCC, who knew?

-Chief Blogmaster General in Charge of New Blog Affairs and Child Rearing.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

ECCC Blog Roll Comes to Existence!

Arising from a dark layer in the depths of the ECCC basement the Blogosphere has come to be! Some say that the blogosphere has a mind of it's own and can only be seen by students.

Now, on to the Blogs, here is a brief description of recently added blogs.

Party At the Back: The original ECCC blog, a detailed account of training, boredom and losing races by large margins from ECCC Administrative General Consulate In Charge of Web-Based
InterConference Relations and Business, Steve Hopengarten of Union College.

Hugging the Turns: A home to find the weirdest, strangest and most bizarre thoughts concerning ECCC events. Accounted by a man who was once found in his underwear on top of a van in Central New Jersey, Kyle Bruley of Boston University.

ECCC---Director's Call: An inner look at the man behind it all, a glimpse into the mind that is the ECCC dictator Joe Kopena. Beware for foolish puns and harsh commentary about hideous attire. He lives by the motto "never graduate."

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: A racing and training account by Anastacio Perez of New Kids on The Block Steven's Tech. 

get on your bike and ride: Home to the life and training of ECCC 2007 omnium champion and all around bad-ass Nick Frey,  of Princeton University as he details the balance of racing collegiate, racing as a professional and being a student in Mechanical Engineering. 

Team Blogs: Accounts of team training, events and the like. All posts new. 

Keep your eyes peeled for new blogs, so check this site regularly!

-ECCC Blog Team

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