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Friday, January 29, 2010

ECCC Photos / New Survey / New Blog

Hey Everyone,

We're looking for high-resolution photos (~1024x768 or larger) from the ECCC weekends for use on the ECCC website, documents, advertisements, and the like. If you have photos that follow the guidelines below, send a the photo itself or link to an online album in an email to with "Photos" in the subject line.

Photo content guidelines - Anything ECCC related!
- Team meetings
- Team trainer workouts
- Epic training rides
- Travel photos (teams at dinner, in hotels, etc)
- Race action photos
- Officials, caravans, registration, etc

Photo use guidelines:
- Submitter must hold the copyright (be their own photos)!!!
- By submitting photos, photographer agrees to (non-commercial) use by the ECCC on the website, documents, advertisements, etc.
- Looking for photos with the action oriented in both portrait and landscape aspects
- Photos must be sharp and very well focused!
- Riders and subject matter should occupy dominant places in the photo (i.e., without lots of empty space around the photo, etc)
- Photos need to be dynamic and interesting
 +We don't need long range pics of a couple riders rolling along on a Sunday cruise...

Look at some of the photos used on the current ECCC site for examples

We need photos from all disciplines:
- Road
- CX
- Track

Let me know if you have any questions.
Also, be sure to vote on our new survey up.  Where do you get your news?
Evan from Tufts now has his blog added up on the Blogosphere. Check out the writings of Tuft's newest A rider:

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