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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

ECCC Road Survey 2009 Launches!

Riders of the ECCC,

From the depths of a damp and dark basement in the ECCC archives, the ECCC 2009 Road Survey has come to the light! A collection of the best, worst, and weirdest people, places, and things of the ECCC 2009 road season.

We're certain that you've been failing all your classes due tor travel and training. So now as the school year and race season draws to a close please take a couple minutes to fill out this survey, send in some photos, and spread the word to your teammates. Final tallies will be compiled and disseminated sometime shortly after Easterns, or whenever we get around to it. 

The Deadline for this survey is Wednesday May 6th, 2009 at 11:59 PM Est!

This survey reflects the opinions only of the writers and those who answer questions. Some of the more pointed questions are meant only in jest and if you have a problem with that grow up! Survey submission gives us the right to edit and distribute results, but we won't be responsible for ridiculous concerns like accuracy. Results will be kept anonymous unless they are well suited for mockery. The team with the most submissions may win some award, possibly gear blackmailed using embarrassing answers. Be as verbose as you like; supporting evidence such as photos, videos, numerical measurements, and formal proofs will be held in high regard.

To submit photographic or video evidence along with your survey answers, please send it in via email to In order to not confuse your poor befuddled survey organizers, please clearly tag both the survey answer and the email so we know which photo is in support of which answer. We will do our best to keep you anonymous unless it's funnier not to. For example:

* In the survey, say "That kid from ___ had the funniest crash at X-Pot. I'm sending you a photo -- Sandbagger, Penn State""
* And in the email again say, "That kid from ____ had the best victory salute in the Beanpot race. Here's the photo -- Sandbagger, MIT"" 

Captains, please pass this request along to all your riders, we want to hear from as many as possible! Thanks for participating!

Is your chamois soiled yet?

Steve, Sully, and Joe
The Joint Chiefs of the ECCC Committee on Social Destruction.

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